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10 лучших бесплатных антивирусов для Android за 2023 год

Обновлено: 1 июня 2023 г.
Катарина Гламослия Катарина Гламослия
Обновлено: 1 июня 2023 г.

No time? Here is the best free antivirus for android in 2023:

  • 🥇 Norton.  This is the best Android antivirus currently available on the market. It detects and removes all viruses and suspicious Android apps, blocks phishing sites, and also allows you to monitor Wi-Fi connections, use a VPN, and protect your personal data from theft. This solution is not 100% free, instead the service provides a 14-day free trial period. If you subscribe to one of Norton’s Multi-Device plans, you can use this antivirus risk-free for up to 60 days.

For several weeks, I tested all the free antiviruses from the Google app store  and eventually found several products that can reliably protect Android devices from malware.

Most of the Android antiviruses I tested were unable to protect the device from malware, they had a lot of annoying ads, or they were actually paid – many “free” applications are free and very  limited trials of paid applications. And some of them turned out to be fake apps for collecting user data!

I did manage to find some good free apps, but no free app provides all the tools you need to fully protect your Android device. If you need an antivirus that can provide full protection for any of your devices, you will need a premium antivirus (I recommend Norton, which has a great Android app).

However, if you only need basic protection, you can use one of several good free antiviruses for Android : with them you get free real-time or on-demand virus scanning, free anti-theft tools, and some useful additional features to increase the security level of your Android devices.

A short list of the best free antivirus for Android in 2023:

🥇1. Norton Mobile Security – advanced cyber protection for Android

🥇1. Norton Mobile Security – advanced cyber protection for Android

Norton Mobile Security is my favorite antivirus for android in 2023 and no one will convince me otherwise. The service provides advanced virus protection, moreover, it will protect your Internet connection better than almost all of its competitors. Yes, this is not a free product.

You can use all the premium features of the Norton mobile app with a 14-day free trial or a 60-day money-back guarantee. It all depends on whether you subscribed to the application separately or accessed it as part of Norton’s Advanced Internet Protection plans.

To protect your Android device from dangerous apps, Norton scans all downloaded files. If it turns out that they contain viruses, the application will notify you. Norton also scans the apps already installed on your device and reports those that collect too much data, use excessive battery power, or otherwise threaten your privacy and device performance.

My tests have shown that the Norton Android app detects any dangerous apps that I have pre-installed on my Samsung Galaxy.  Norton also lets you know which apps threaten my privacy. The anti-phishing system implemented in the application also blocked most of the dangerous links that I tried to open in the browser on my smartphone.

The Norton Android app also provides good Wi-Fi security and alerts you whenever you’re about to use unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It also has a secure VPN and a dark web leak tracking feature.  Norton’s VPN will secure your traffic with 256-bit AES encryption, provide fast connections to most servers, and even access online movie theater sites. I didn’t like that this VPN tracks your IP address and also doesn’t provide DNS and WebRTC leak protection. This VPN is quite good as part of a bundled plan , but there are still much better options out there. If you don’t mind subscribing to a premium VPN, I recommend ExpressVPN.

Norton Mobile Security is available both separately and as part of Norton Internet Protection bundles. Subscribing to a standalone app will cost 14,99 $ / год and will allow protect 1 android device and Norton 360 Deluxe will allow you to protect up to 5 devices (running different OS) for only 49,99 $ / год (this is our #1 antivirus in 2023 ). US users are also advised to pay attention to the rates Norton LifeLock – They protect you from identity theft by providing insurance up to $1 million.

The mobile app is available with a 14-day free trial, and all Norton Internet Protection plans include a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Norton offers the most advanced cybersecurity app for Android users.  Not only is it able to detect and remove all viruses that threaten Android, but it also scans apps on Google Play before downloading so that your device can avoid being infected at all. There are many advanced tools here: phishing protection, Wi-Fi connection protection, VPN, as well as a system for tracking data leaks in the Dark Web. The Norton app for Android is available both standalone and as part of the Norton 360 Deluxe and LifeLock plans.

Try Norton risk-free

Read the full Norton review >

🥈2. McAfee Security Free – excellent anti-virus protection and scanning of Wi-Fi connections

🥈2. McAfee Security Free – excellent anti-virus protection and scanning of Wi-Fi connections

McAfee Security Free provides advanced malware protection and also offers app and Wi-Fi privacy scanners. During the tests, I downloaded infected files and applications with various viruses on a Samsung smartphone. McAfee has identified, blocked and removed all dangerous files!

Application privacy scanner allows you to learn a lot about the applications installed on your smartphone. This feature works in the same way as similar tools from Avira  and Norton . However, we have to admit that the McAfee scanner as a whole is a little less useful.

The Wi-Fi Connection Scanner analyzes the security of a wireless network, and it performed well in my tests. Since I decided to connect to an insecure public access point, I immediately saw the corresponding notification – I had to look for a more reliable network.

Alas, McAfee’s free plan for Android users lacks a number of important tools that are available in paid plans:  web protection, VPN, dark web monitoring, and identity theft protection.

And the premium Android app no ​​longer has anti-theft features like those available from Avira , for example . This is definitely a minus, as the corresponding tools from McAfee were the best of their kind.

Although McAfee’s paid Android app is slightly more expensive than similar apps from competitors, if you buy an Android antivirus subscription along with one of the McAfee Total Protection line (from 39,99 $ / год ), you get one of the most profitable and useful antivirus suites for 2023. Total Protection Plus enables protection for up to 5 devices, and Premium and Advanced plans will help protect an unlimited number of devices on any platform. All McAfee purchases come with a secure 30-day money-back guarantee.


The free antivirus application from McAfee provides protection against malware and scans Wi-Fi connections in real time. The antivirus scanner detected all the infected files and applications that I downloaded to my smartphone, and the connection scanner warned me whenever I tried to connect to an insecure Wi-Fi network. Switching to a paid McAfee plan will allow you to take advantage of very useful tools: a web protection module, a dark web leak tracking system, and a VPN. You can also get the android app with a subscription ambulances Total Protection from McAfee (from 5 to unlimited number of devices). All paid McAfee subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Read the full McAfee review >

🥉3. Avira Antivirus Security for Android – multifunctional and convenient service (good for novice users)

🥉3. Avira Antivirus Security for Android – multifunctional and convenient service (good for novice users)

Avira Antivirus Security for Android is great at detecting and removing infected files, as well as providing access to many other security tools. The application is very easy to use, which makes it a great option for beginners.

The free Avira app for Android includes:

  • Application privacy scanner.
  • Device theft protection.
  • VPN (daily limit – 100 Mb).
  • Data Leak Scanner.
  • WiFi scanner.
  • Device optimization tools.

Avira’s app privacy scanner is really good. Like the similar Norton solution , it analyzed all the apps on my device and notified me which ones had access to my contacts, pictures, and web history. I was quite surprised to learn that some of the free games installed on my device are actively collecting my data, even when I’m not playing them!

Avira’s free plan is also good, although it doesn’t offer phishing protection. To access this option, as well as camera and microphone protection (not available on Android 10), you need to use Avira premium app for mobile devices.

Avira Mobile Premium Protection also includes a great antivirus Avira Prime, which allows you to protect up to 5 devices running Android, Windows, macOS and iOS, and for 59,99 $. The Prime plan also includes an unlimited VPN service and a pretty good password manager .


Avira offers most of the features you would expect from a free antivirus for Android . They work great, strictly as stated by the service, moreover, they are very convenient to use. In addition to malware protection, Avira offers device theft protection tools, an app privacy scanner, and a Wi-Fi connection scanner. I also liked Avira’s VPN, although 100 MB of traffic per day is a minuscule amount. Avira’s paid mobile app provides protection against phishing, and  Avira Prime Package also includes a VPN (no limits), a password manager, and the ability to secure multiple devices running different operating systems. All Avira annual plans come with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.


Read the full Avira review >

4. TotalAV – excellent web protection and search for data leaks

4. TotalAV – excellent web protection and search for data leaks

Free version of TotalAV provides good web protection and a nice set of additional features. I tested TotalAV’s web protection by trying to access malicious sites, including known phishing sites, using the Google Chrome browser. I was very impressed that TotalAV blocked all malicious links.

TotalAV also provides the following additional features for free:

  • WiFi check.
  • Data breach notifications.
  • Protected Browser.

The search for data leaks performed well during tests – I entered a personal email address and found out that it was leaked three times, but this search does not come close to Norton’s advanced leak detection , which actively searches for all types of data leaked on the network, including email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, passport details, IDs, and more.

I would also like to see anti-theft tools in the free version of TotalAV, as implemented by Bitdefender . I was frustrated that currently TotalAV provides device tracking for iOS users but not for Android users.

TotalAV has a good free version, but if you want more advanced protection, you should definitely upgrade to the paid version, which gives you access to all the features, including real-time malware detection, malware protection, and app blocking. (Adds an extra layer of privacy for apps with personal information.

Switching to the paid version of TotalAV costs from 19,00 $ / год, but you can also secure your android device atTotalAV packages for multiple devices. TotalAV Total Security Protects up to six devices including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac for just 49,00 $ / год. All TotalAV annual plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


TotalAV provides extensive protection for Android, including advanced web protection and data leak detection. Web protection works very effectively, and search for data leaks works well. TotalAV has a good free version, but the paid version has a lot more features, including real-time protection and malware protection.


Read the full TotalAV review >

5. Bitdefender – easy to use with excellent malware protection

5. Bitdefender – easy to use with excellent malware protection

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is an intuitive app with excellent malware detection results. The virus scan is a one-click run and performed well during tests, detecting and removing most of the malware that I had previously downloaded to my phone. Only the best programs, such as Norton , have been able to provide a more complete scan and better clean my device.

However, the Bitdefender Antivirus Free app only provides malware scanning and nothing else, while the paid app provides many impressive features, including web and anti-phishing protection, data leak monitoring, and anti-theft protection.

I really liked the advanced anti-theft protection in Bitdefender – if your phone is stolen, you can remotely lock your phone, wipe data, find it on a map, and even take a picture of the thief.

And although Bitdefender has a very good free app,Paid Bitdefender App provides a lot more options. Mobile Security can be purchased as a standalone application, but you can also get it as part of a bundleBitdefender Total Security(which protects Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices for 35,99 $ / год) or tariffBitdefender Premium Security (for 10 devices) with a price of 49,99 $ / год . Bitdefender plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free provides excellent malware protection, but the paid apps also offer web protection, anti-theft protection, and other features. Bitdefender is very easy to install and use, making it a good choice for inexperienced users. All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Read the full Bitdefender review >

6. Panda Dome Free Antivirus for Android – a good antivirus scanner and excellent compatibility with smartwatches

6. Panda Dome Free Antivirus for Android – a good antivirus scanner and excellent compatibility with smartwatches

Panda Dome Free Antivirus для Android provides decent antivirus protection and offers device theft protection tools, an app privacy scanner, and a VPN. What’s more, most of these features can be controlled remotely via your Android Wear smartwatch!

Panda’s real-time antivirus scanner detected almost all malicious applications (behind Norton and McAfee in this regard ), including all infected applications, it blocked. Every time Panda antivirus blocked new infected files, I received a notification on my smart watch.

Panda also provides device theft protection tools: you can remotely track the location of the device, delete its data and block the device. But the ability to remotely take pictures from the front camera and turn on the loud signal on the device is only available in the paid version of the Android application, which is available as part ofpackage offers Panda.

Panda Dome also includes a free  VPN, but you only get 150MB per day. It’s better than Avira ‘s , but it’s still good enough for reading mail.

To use VPN without restrictions, you need a different Panda plan –Panda Dome Premium (53,60 $ / год).


Panda’s free antivirus app for Android provides real-time protection, both antivirus and anti-theft. The application is also compatible with Android smart watches. I liked the ability to remotely scan for viruses, wipe data, and even track the location of the device through a smart watch. In turn, you will need to upgrade to a paid Panda plan to take selfies remotely and turn on the sound signal on the device, as well as block spam and various applications. If you’re also looking for a VPN with unlimited bandwidth, check out the planPanda Dome Premium.


Read the full Panda Dome review  >

7. Kaspersky Security Free – convenient service and high-quality anti-virus checks on demand

7. Kaspersky Security Free – convenient service and high-quality anti-virus checks on demand

Kaspersky Security Free is a good internet protection app for android users. The free version doesn’t have a lot of features, so it’s pretty easy to work with. You only need to set a couple of permissions during the installation phase of the application and click the “Scan” button when you decide to check the device for viruses.

Kaspersky provides good on-demand malware protection. The application found most of the infected files I used for tests. Alas, real-time protection (like McAfee ) is not provided here.

Device anti-theft tools are also available here for free , with which you can lock your smartphone and find out its location on the Kaspersky website, desktop application or smart watch. The anti-theft features also allow you to remotely erase all data and turn on a loud alarm, as well as take a selfie.

You can also run anti-virus checks on smart watches here, which is quite convenient. Alas, integration with smart watches is not implemented as well as that of Panda Dome .

To get real-time protection, including against phishing and dangerous sites, as well as use the app blocking tools, you need the premium version of the app. It is available withinpackage offers Kaspersky, whose price starts from 56,99 $ / год. These tariffs will allow you to protect several devices at once.


Kaspersky provides good protection against viruses and device theft, and for free. Alas, nothing else stands out service. Unlike Avira , McAfee , and other top competitors, Kaspersky’s free plan doesn’t offer real-time malware protection—this critical feature is only availablepaying users, which will also have access to good web protection and app blocking.


Read the full review of Kaspersky >

8. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile – effective free antivirus with customizable protection

8. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile – effective free antivirus with customizable protection

Sophos Intercept X for mobile provides a good malware scan with which you can schedule periodic scans. Virus scanning may not be as efficient as some of the best competitors like Norton or Bitdefender , but it works quite well despite the large number of features. At the same time, Sophos has excellent web protection – it found almost every phishing site that I tried to go to.

In addition to actively searching for malware, Sophos detects potentially unwanted applications (PUA) and bad reputation applications, shows scan notifications even for uninfected applications, and monitors shared storage (SD card, USB devices connected for charging, and all new files). In addition, it has an App Privacy Advisor, App Protection, a password manager, and a code generator for two-factor authentication.

Sophos Intercept X for Android is completely free, but you can upgrade toSophos Home Premium (44,99 $ / год) for remote control of all connected to device account.


Sophos Intercept X is a good free Android app that will allow users to secure their devices without extra features. Malware scans can be set to check regularly, and various support features provide you with the information you need to keep your device safe. It also has additional features such as two-factor authentication, a password generator, and an app blocker.


Read the full Sophos review >

9. Trend Micro – good malware detection + powerful web protection

9. Trend Micro – good malware detection + powerful web protection

Free Trend Micro mobile app for Android quite limited, but it has a good malware scan and a few other security features, including a WiFi check. The malware search worked great during the tests, allowing me to find and eliminate almost all malicious files downloaded in different folders (the detection result is almost comparable to the results of other top programs such as Norton and Avira ) .

WiFi Checker monitors the security of your WiFi connection and allows you to mark WiFi networks as safe, for example, you can mark your home or corporate network. It also has a Social Media Privacy feature that checks your privacy settings on Facebook and other similar sites.

Trend Micro provides several paid plans (with a minimum price of 19,95 $ / год) that allow you to protect your device, including tariffMaximum Security (which also allows you to secure devices on Windows, Mac, iOS and Chromebook). All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Trend Micro’s free plan for Android provides decent malware detection and WiFi protection. Both functions performed well during tests – the program detected all the malicious files on my device and warned me about connecting to an insecure WiFi network. When you upgrade to Trend Micro Internet Security paid plans, you can protect multiple devices on different operating systems.


Read the full Trend Micro review >

10. Malwarebytes – intuitive antivirus with several additional features

10. Malwarebytes – intuitive antivirus with several additional features

Malwarebytes free antivirus for Android detects malicious files well and provides several additional features. During the tests, the virus scan found more than 95% of the malicious files that I downloaded to my phone before the test – this is an excellent result (but Norton and Avira found 100% of the malicious files during the tests).

Malwarebytes’ virus scan works well, but there are few other features in the free version. The application has a security audit (analyzes the system settings of the phone), an application manager (provides information about all installed applications) and a privacy assistant (shows access levels for all applications).

When you upgrade to a paid version, you get additional features, including real-time protection, protection against spyware and ransomware, and web protection.

Users can purchase the paid version of the Malwarebytes Android app as a standalone purchase or as part of aMalwarebytes PremiumorMalwarebytes Premium + Privacy, which provide protection for 1-5 devices on all operating systems. The only difference between the plans is the availability of VPN in Premium + Privacy . Malwarebytes price starts at 37,49 $ / год, and on It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Malwarebytes is good at detecting malware on Android and provides some quality extras. It doesn’t have as many features as Avira and other competitors, but it’s very easy to use and all paid features are available as a separate purchase or as part ofPaid Malwarebytes Internet Security Packageswith an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.


Read the full Malwarebytes review >

Comparison of the best free antivirus apps for Android

Android Application Search for malware on demand Real time protection Web protection WiFi Scanner Theft protection Additional options VPN Money Back Guarantee
1.🥇 Norton App privacy scanner, VPN, data leak detection (premium version only) 60 days
2.🥈 McAfee 30 days
3.🥉 Avira App Privacy Scanner, Data Leak Scanner ✅ 100 MB/day 60 days
4. TotalAV Data Leak Scanner 30 days
5. Bitdefender 30 days
6. Panda Smart watch compatible, app privacy scanner ✅ 150 MB/day 30 days
7. Kaspersky Smart watch integration ✅200 MB/day 30 days
8. Sophos Intercept X Secure Password, Link Checker, App Lock, Privacy & Security Advisor 30 days
9. Trend Micro Wi-Fi Checker, Social Media Privacy 30 days
10. Malwarebytes Security audit, privacy scanner 60 days

How to choose the best free antivirus for your Android device

You need to be careful when choosing a free antivirus for Android, as apps may not work properly or do hidden things like collect your data. Here’s what to do before downloading a free antivirus for Android:

  • Look for an app with powerful internet security features. To make sure the antivirus can detect and remove all types of malware, I downloaded hundreds of malicious files, fake apps, and even ransomware for Android. In addition, to test the ability of antiviruses to protect Android against the latest Internet threats, I tested Internet security features, such as phishing protection and a WiFi network scanner.
  • Evaluate the impact an app has on your device. There’s nothing worse than an antivirus that quickly drains your battery or slows down your Android device. I’ve found that all of the recommended apps improve security without causing your phone or tablet to freeze.
  • See if the app has additional features. Android antivirus not only protects against malware, but also offers various useful features such as VPN access, device theft protection, reputation assessment applications and so on. I’ve tested every additional option for each service on this list to make sure they don’t just work as advertised, but are actually useful.
  • Look for an app that’s easy to use. I’ve tested the features of the apps and made sure that any user can easily find and use all the features of the recommended apps. Other than that, all the apps on my list are perfectly compatible with Android OS and Chrome OS.

Popular services not included in the list:

Many Android antivirus apps didn’t make it into my top five list. Here are a few well-known brands that you might expect to see on my list:

  • G DATA Mobile Security Lite. G Data provides good malware protection, but it lacks real-time protection, WiFi inspection, and other features.
  • Dr. Web Light. Dr.Web Light is a good antivirus app for Android, but it has a simple app and few additional features.
  • Systweak. Systweak Anti-Malware is a free app for Android users, but it’s very limited. It only scans apps and ignores (potentially harmful) files on your device.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are free Android antivirus apps safe?

All apps on my list  are safe.  However, you should be aware that in order to scan for malware, you need to have access to the most important files on your device. Fake antivirus apps can easily compromise your privacy and security and steal your data.

I have thoroughly tested these applications, and I can say with full confidence that they are all safe, reliable and fully meet expectations. All apps are built by developers with a proven track record for creating great cybersecurity products. My option #1Norton Mobile Security, developed by a company trusted by millions of users around the world. Its employees have been involved in cyber defense issues for many decades.

Do I need an antivirus for my Android phone?

The short answer is yes! It is likely that your Android device contains important data, such as personal information, banking information, social media accounts, or personal photos and files. In addition, such devices are quite expensive, and therefore often become the subject of theft.

When compared to other platforms (i.e. iOS) , Android doesn’t stand out at all in terms of security. Android OS is famous for being used by thousands of independent developers and programmers from all over the world. Unfortunately, this also makes Android a popular playground for hackers.

Every day, Android users are attacked by ransomware, spyware, cryptojackers, trackers, and other malware. Android users can also fall prey to phishing sites, smishing links  , and even pickpockets.

To protect your device from all these threats, you need to have a good antivirus for Android with real-time protection, web protection, anti-theft tools and other additional features. My favorite Android antivirus is Norton, however this is not a free solution. The mobile app includes a 14-day free trial, and if you get it with one of Norton’s plans, you can use the app for up to 60 days risk-free.

What features do Android antivirus apps provide?

In addition to detecting and removing malware, free antivirus for Android is capable of:

  • Keep your personal information private (I recommend Norton Mobile Security).
  • Check the reliability of the WiFi network you are using (Norton can also do this).
  • Prevent your device from being lost or stolen (free app Avira for Android offers especially effective tools to protect your device from theft).

Most antivirus apps provide additional paid features, and for every free app, there are dozens of paid apps. If you store important information on your phone that needs to be protected from intruders, I recommend using inexpensive paid antivirus like Norton.

What are the best antivirus apps for Android?

Topping my list of recommendations are Norton Mobile Security (not 100% free, but it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee) and Avira Antivirus Security  (a nice set of free features).

Norton provides superior virus protection and provides many useful features, including dark web monitoring (currently the best dark web monitoring among all antivirus applications) and a fast VPN with unlimited traffic, while Avira also provides a powerful anti-malware engine, free (but limited) VPN and system optimization tools.

But there are other great Android antivirus apps that provide powerful malware protection, web protection, or additional tools to keep your smartphone or tablet safe.

How to check Android for viruses for free?

To check your Android device for viruses, you can download a reliable free antivirus for Android with a virus scan, such as Norton or Avira  (both have shown excellent malware detection results).

The free antivirus apps for Android on our list will also allow you to detect and block many Internet security threats – most apps provide web protection so you will be warned if you try to enter a suspicious or potentially dangerous site, such as a phishing site designed to steal your personal information. information.

However, to fully protect your device, you need to make sure that the antivirus you choose provides real-time virus protection (Both Norton and Avira provide real-time protection).

Can Android devices be hacked?

Unfortunately, Android devices are more susceptible to hacker attacks than devices on other operating systems.

Android software is more flexible than other operating systems such as iOS, but it also makes it easier for hackers and malware to gain access – creating and distributing malware for Android devices is much easier, partly because of the shortcomings of the operating system, but also because it is less strict regulation of the Android app stores, especially when compared to the Apple App Store (which is widely known for its strictest security checks).

To protect against malicious apps, I recommend using Norton Mobile Security. It not only provides a powerful anti-malware engine, but also alerts you to suspicious applications before downloading and installing them.

Top Free Antivirus Apps for Android in 2023:

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